Decorative laminates suppliers and dealers

Decorative laminates suppliers and dealers

Decorative laminates suppliers and dealers

Nagori Ply Arcade Ltd are superior quality decorative laminates suppliers and dealers. Laminates are fabricated by applying acute pressure on craft papers and PF resins. We are the distributors of various types such as paper based, textured, glossy, PVC and acrylic. Decorative laminates are utilized in furniture to offer a Smooth, glossy, ultra glossy, full core, leather finish and fabric finishes in different textures. These laminates are available at standard thickness and sizes at our company.

Decorative laminates are used extensively as an overlay on plywood, MDF, wood panels, wooden furniture or other surfaces. The sheets have a decorative surface and are manufactured in a wide variety of color and designs. The laminates are developed through two different methods which are High pressure laminates (HPL) and Low pressure laminates (LPL). High pressure laminates are hard decorative sheets that are fixed on plywood. Low pressure laminates can be directly bonded to particle boards or fiber boards. Nagori Ply are the leading Decorative laminates suppliers and dealers.

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Situated in Hyderabad we "NAGORI PLY ARCADE LIMITED" are merchants of the finest quality Plywood, Veneers, Laminates, Doors, Pvc, Modular Furniture, & Allied Interior Products for both residential and commercial clients. We are a limited company trading since 1997 with the aim to provide customer satisfaction, catering bulk necessities of clients in an efficient manner with our quality team effort.

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Laminate Applications:

  • Nagori Ply Arcade Ltd - Laminates are not only used on floorings, but also on furniture and cabinets. Laminate is made by mixing resins with thin layers of paper and is a preferred finish for different surfaces like wood and MDF. In terms of Nagori Ply, It is a thin sheet that is put over furniture, kitchen shutters, wall panels, and even flooring. It comes in various colors and prints and designs and texture and finishes, thus, making it an attractive option in home decor.

Advantages Of Laminates:

  • Easy to clean.
  • Easier to install than many traditional surfaces.
  • It is very durable, hygienic, and relatively easy to maintain.
  • It is moisture resistant. Also, it is an impact, shock, and pressure-resistant.
  • It is highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.
  • Available in numerous designs, patterns, colors, and textures and hence it is pleasing.
  • It can be applied or fixed over almost any existing furniture.
  • No polishing painting is required.

Benefits Of Laminates:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy for workmanship
  • Multiple options
  • Time-Saving