Shuttering Plywood

FIST Film Face Plywood is a product used in the construction of roofs, beams, walls, bridges, pillars, etc. The phenol-coated Film Face Plywood has a glossy surface, which gives the product life and great value in terms of re-use. The density of FIST Film Face Plywood is higher than regular plywood.


12mm, 18mm


25kg, 30kg, 34kg, 38kg, 42kg, 50kg

FIST Film Faced Ply advantages over other film faced ply:
  1. It gives a greater number of repetitions.
  2. Provides smooth surface to concrete work.
  3. It is economical in ratio to its number of uses.

Certain measures to enhance the life of film face ply:
  1. Do not drag or drop from height.
  2. Stack on a flat surface.
  3. Clean both side surfaces after use.
  4. Apply oil after every use.
  5. Use sealant on cut edges.
  6. Use minimum nails.

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